Bill Pay

Please Note: Checking account is required to proceed with bill pay enrollment.

The Credit Union is now offering a bill payer service to our members. This is a third party service which our members can access through our home banking page. The only requirement is that they have a checking account and PCU home banking. There is a $5.95 monthly service charge that will be assessed on the 10th day of each month (if the 10th falls on a weekend or a holiday, it will be the next working day). Our present fee schedule will cover such things as stop payments and research.

The member will enroll into the Check Free system via an online enrollment form. To enroll, you will need the following:

  •     Checkbook (for bill payment account number)
  •     Driver's license
  •     Social Security Number

Bill Pay Icon - Click to Login

Check Free, using a credit-reporting agency, will confirm your identity. The credit-reporting agency compares your data entered to information contained in their credit report. You will be prompted to respond to questions regarding items in your credit report to further confirm your identity. If your identity is verified, enrollment is complete and will automatically be directed to the Payment Center welcome page. If your identity cannot be verified, you will be instructed to print the enrollment form and send it to CheckFree with additional requested information to confirm your identity.

Account ownership will be confirmed through the submission of small ACH debit/credit transactions to the member's account (the net effect of the transaction is zero). The member must confirm the amount of the transactions from their account history by responding to an email sent to them by CheckFree. Transaction activity is limited until the email is received.

You will receive a Bill Payer Account Agreement from the credit union in the mail. You must sign and return it immediately to continue to use this service.

Check Free is a third party vendor. If you need assistance with the bill payment service, contact EDS E.Banking customer service at 1-888-868-5193 or