FAQ’s – Online Banking & Bill Pay


Why is Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union offering new Online Banking and Bill Pay?

Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union is committed to offering new ways to help our members manage their finances more easily. Our new Online Banking and Bill Payment system offers more features, more convenience, and more control to members who wish to bank and pay bills online.

What is different about the new Online Banking and Bill Pay system?

The new Online Banking and Bill Payment system offers new features to make banking and paying bills online easier and more convenient. These features include:

  • A new design A clean new look that makes it easy for you to easily access the services you need.
  • Quick links. You can pay bills and make transfers in seconds.
  • Account alerts. The ability to set account alerts to notify you when a specific account activity occurs, such as your balance reaches a pre-determined level you set.
  • Better communication with us. If you have a question about a specific transaction, you can communicate securely with our Customer Service Center during normal banking hours to get it answered. If you need assistance, you can use our easily accessible Help pages.
  • Integration with online banking. Now, you won’t have to leave online banking to make an online bill payment. It’s all right there in one comprehensive program.
Will there be a cost for the new features?

Online Banking will continue to be free to our members.

When will the new Online Banking and Bill Pay be available?

Online Banking will be available beginning 1:00pm CST, Thursday, May 2nd.

Bill Pay will be available for use beginning Monday, May 6th.

Online Banking

Will you convert my accounts to the new system?

Yes. Your accounts will be migrated to the new system automatically.

Do I have to re-register for the new Online Banking?

No. Existing members do not have to register. You will, however, have to set up your enhanced security (challenge) questions.

Will I use the same User ID and Password to access my accounts?

You will not need a new User ID, but will need a new password. Once you have logged in to the new system, you will be asked to create a new password of your choosing.

Will I have uninterrupted access to my accounts?

To allow us to complete the upgrade, Online Banking will be unavailable from 4:00pm CST on April 30th until 1:00pm CST on Thursday, May 2nd.

Is the new Online Banking system still secure?

Yes. Our new system uses the highest level of protection available, providing the assurance your accounts are secure.

Will recurring transfers that I have established be made after the conversion date?

Transfers that you have set up will be carried over during the conversion. We recommend checking to make sure transfers took place and recurring transfers are in place.

How much Online Banking transactional history is available?

Any transactional history or checks prior to Thursday, May 1st will not be available in the new Online Banking System. We recommend downloading any current history, check images and eStatements prior to 4:00pm CST April 30th.

To print Statements

To download e-Statements

  • Log into Online Banking
  • From the tabs, select “eDocuments/Online Forms”
  • Select “e-Documents”
  • From the drop down, select the month(s) and click view
  • Select “Print Statement”

To print Account History

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Under “Account Summary”, select the account to print history
  • Under “Display” in the drop down make your selection
  • Click the month or time frame to print
  • Click “Show History”
  • To print, click “Print History”

Online Bill Payment

Who can I pay with the new system?

You can pay most anyone as before. The bill pay provider is the same vendor you were using previously.

Will the new system store bill payment history?

Yes. Beginning Monday, May 6th, the new system will build up bill pay history going forward. On an ongoing basis, it will retain 18 months of history.

Will the new system make any payments I have scheduled for after the conversion date?

Yes, provided that we are able to convert the appropriate payees. Please review all of your payees following the launch on Monday, March 6th. We encourage you to make a list or print a copy of payments/payees for your reference prior to 4:00pm CST, Wednesday, April 30th. Review payments to ensure all pending payments occurred.

How do I get assistance?

You can get assistance any number of ways. Online Banking offers secure communication option. You can also get assistance through easily accessible Help screens or by calling your local branch.


Currently I’m receiving eStatements. Will I need to re-enroll in e-Statements again?

No, if you are currently enrolled in e-Statements you will not need to enroll again.

Credit Sense

I am currently enrolled in Credit Sense. Will I need to re-enroll in Credit Sense again?

No, if you are currently enrolled in Credit Sense you will not need to enroll again.

Card Valet

I am currently enrolled in Card Valet. Will I need to re-enroll in Card Valet again?

No, if you are currently enrolled in Credit Sense you will not need to enroll again