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Dear Heart O’ Texas FCU Member,

Your financial security is important to us; therefore, HOTFCU has added an extra layer of security to protect your account! It’s another way we are working hard to keep your accounts safe and secure.

As of January 6, 2021, out-of-band (OOB) authentication or a multi-factor authentication will be required when accessing online & mobile banking for the first time or when accessing your account information from a new device.

When you log in to online or mobile banking, Heart O’ Texas FCU will use secure multi-factor authentication to verify your identity; “multi-factor” simply means we use more than one method to determine your identity. OOB is used in financial institutions and other organizations with high security requirements. This practice makes hacking an account more difficult because two separate and unconnected authentication channels would have to be compromised for a hacker to gain access.

A verification code (which you will need to complete the log-in process) will be sent to you by text or a phone call. A verification code is generated each time you log in unless you have registered your device by checking the “Remember Me on This Device” option on the login screen. In most cases, future logins from a registered device will not require a verification code except when using other unregistered devices.

You will see this box:

Select Phone & Notification Preview

Again, Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union is committed to taking every precaution possible when it comes to protecting your financial
information – whether in person, online or over-the-phone. We recognize that utilizing OOB can be annoying when you want to quickly check
your account. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause, and hope you agree it is in our mutual best interest to take this
extra step to safeguard your information.

If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 254-751-1622 or stop by a branch location.


Melissa Hagenbuch


As a part of our risk management process, CornerStone Credit Union League will be performing an account verification in which our members will be asked to confirm the accuracy of an account balance. This process is required by our auditors and our regulators. As a part of this procedure you may be randomly selected to confirm information, or detail a balance discrepancy. No other information will be requested. It is one of many internal control processes followed by the credit union to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting system which ultimately protect you, our member.

If you are on the randomly selected members, please review the information in the confirmation letter and agree it with your records. If the information contains errors, there will be an address included for you to report the discrepancy. Do not mail this reply to the Credit Union. If there is an error in the information noted, our auditors must receive a reply directly from you.

On behalf of the credit union, thank you for your attention to this request and for your loyalty and continued support of the credit union.

Latest COVID-19 Update: 6/26/2020

As COVID-19 spreads at an increasing rate, we are temporarily restricting access to credit union lobbies as of Monday, June 29th.
If your financial business requires an in-person meeting, you are welcome to schedule an appointment. Face coverings will be required during appointments. Face coverings may consist of masks, homemade masks, scarfs, bandannas or a handkerchief.
We will continue to provide full service via our drive-thru.
Listed below are some of the services available during your drive-thru visit to our Waco or Killeen branch.
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • Teller Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Cash Advance
  • Change/Update Address
  • Check Orders
  • Notary Services . . . and more!
We sincerely appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.

Latest COVID-19 Update: 6/22/2020

The city of Waco has ordered “All employees or visitors of a business or other facilities must wear face coverings when in an area or performing an activity which involves close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public where six feet of separation is not feasible”.

If you are in need of in-person assistance from any of our team members working in offices, it will be required you have some type of face covering on. According to the City of Waco website, “Face coverings may include homemade masks, scarfs, bandannas or a handkerchief”.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to find solutions to serve you during this pandemic. We hope you and your families continue to remain safe.

Actualización Semanal de COVID-19 : 26 Junio 2020

A medida que COVID-19 se extiende a un ritmo creciente, estamos restringiendo temporalmente el acceso a los grupos de presión de las cooperativas de ahorro y crédito a partir del lunes 29 de junio.
Si su negocio financiero requiere una reunión en persona, puede programar una cita. Se requerirán cubiertas faciales durante las citas. Los revestimientos faciales pueden consistir en máscaras, máscaras hechos en casa, bufandas, o un pañuelo.
Continuaremos ofreciendo un servicio completo a través de nuestro drive-thru.
A continuación hay algunos de los servicios disponibles durante su visita en automóvil a nuestra sucursal de Waco o Killeen.
  • Depositos
  • Retiros
  • Traslados
  • Pagos de prestamos
  • Cheques de cajerp
  • Ordenes de pago
  • Adelanto en efectivo
  • Cambiar/Actualizar direccion de domicillio
  • Consultar pedidos de cheques
  • Servicios notariales . . . y mas!
Agradecemos sinceramente su comprensión durante estos tiempos difíciles.

Actualización Semanal de COVID-19: 22 Junio 2020

La ciudad de Waco ha ordenado "Todos los empleados o visitantes de un negocio o otras instalaciones deben usar protectores faciales cuando se encuentren en un área o realicen una actividad que implique contacto cercano o proximidad con compañeros de trabajo o el público donde no es factible una separación de seis pies ".

Si necesita asistencia en persona de cualquiera de los miembros de nuestro equipo que trabajan en oficinas, será necesario que tenga algún tipo de cobertura facial. Según el sitio web de la Ciudad de Waco, "los revestimientos para la cara pueden incluir máscaras hechos en casa, bufandas, pañuelos o un pañuelo".

Apreciamos su cooperación mientras trabajamos para encontrar soluciones para servirlo durante esta pandemia. Esperamos que usted y sus familias permanezcan seguros.


Latest Update: 6/1/2020

As our counties continue to open and shelter in place orders have or are beginning to be lifted, we are working to bring our lobbies open as of June 8, 2020.

Social distancing will be required while in branch lobbies and offices for the health and safety of our members and staff. You will notice some changes in our lobbies. Below are some changes and guidelines we ask you to follow.

  1. The number of members able to enter into a branch will be limited. You will see floor tape to promote spacing.
  2. If you have a mask or any type of covering on your face or head such as sunglasses, baseball cap, hoodie or any other type of hat, we ask you to remove them before entering and while you are in the lobby.
  3. Plexiglass has been installed at the teller-line and shields on office desks for the protection of our employees and members.
  4. Seating in the lobby will be limited and spaced. We have removed many of the chairs you normally had seen in our lobbies.
  5. If there is no seating available in the lobby, we will ask you for your cell phone number and we politely request you wait in your vehicle until called.
  6. We ask you please limit the number of people you bring to our branches and bring only those that need to either conduce business or sign any type of documents.
  7. The first drive thru lane at all branches will remain as full-service for those members who are not comfortable to come into the lobby.

Remember you are able to access your accounts, transfer between shares, send money, pay bills and much more through online banking. Mobile banking is available for you on the go!

We appreciate your patience and membership as we’ve adapted to different methods of business during this time. We hope you and your families continue to be safe and stay healthy.


Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union

Actualización Semanal: 1 Junio 2020

A medida que nuestros condados continúan abriéndose y las órdenes de refugio en el lugar se han levantado o están comenzando a levantarse, estamos trabajando para abrir nuestros vestíbulos a partir del 8 de junio de 2020.

Se requerirá distanciamiento social en los vestíbulos y oficinas de las sucursales para la salud y seguridad de nuestros miembros y personal. Notarás algunos cambios en nuestros vestibulos. A continuación hay algunos cambios y reglas que le pedimos que sigan.

  1. El número de miembros que pueden ingresar a una sucursal será limitado. Verá cinta de piso para promover el espacio.
  2. Si tiene una máscara o algún tipo de cubierta en la cara o la cabeza, como anteojos de sol, gorra de béisbol, sudadera con capucha o cualquier otro tipo de sombrero, le pedimos que se los quite antes de entrar y mientras esté en el vestíbulo.
  3. Se ha instalado plexiglás en la línea de cajero y escudos en los escritorios de oficina para la protección de nuestros empleados y miembros.
  4. Los asientos en el vestibulo serán limitados y espaciados. Hemos eliminado muchas de las sillas que normalmente había visto en nuestros vestíbulos.
  5. Si no hay asientos disponibles en el vestíbulo, le pediremos su número de teléfono y le pediremos que por favor espere en su vehículo hasta que lo llamen.
  6. Le pedimos que limite la cantidad de personas que traiga a nuestras sucursales y traiga solo aquellos que necesiten realizar negocios o firmar cualquier tipo de documento.
  7. La primera línea de conducción en todas las sucursales permanecerá como servicio completo para aquellos miembros que no se sientan cómodos para entrar al vestibulo.

Recuerde que puede acceder sus cuentas, transferir entre acciones, enviar dinero, pagar facturas y mucho más a través del banco enlinea. ¡El banco por internet está disponible para usted mientras viaja!

Agradecemos su paciencia y membresía, ya que nos hemos adaptado a diferentes métodos de negocios durante este tiempo. Esperamos que usted y sus familias continúen seguros y se mantengan saludables.


Heart O ’Texas Federal Credit Union

Update: 5/13/2020

Thank You Members! Heart O’ Texas appreciates your patience and cooperation as we find new methods to meet your financial needs during this pandemic. Your credit union is navigating a “new normal.” Our priority is to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 to members and employees.

We miss seeing you in our lobbies; however, for the safety and security of both members and employees, our lobbies will continue to be closed until further notice. If your financial business requires an in-person meeting, we will be taking appointments beginning Monday, May 18th. Please call your local branch to schedule an appointment. We continue to offer members expanded services through drive-thrus at each branch.

Thank you for your patience as we transition again based on the recommendations of health experts. Rest assured we will reopen lobbies once it is deemed safe to do so. Thank you for your trust and business.

Actualización semanal: 13 mayo 2020

¡Gracias miembros! Heart O 'Texas agradece su paciencia y cooperación mientras encontramos nuevos métodos para satisfacer sus necesidades financieras durante esta pandemia. Su cooperativa de crédito está navegando en una "nueva normalidad". Nuestra prioridad es minimizar el riesgo de propagar COVID-19 a los miembros y empleados.

Extrañamos verlos en nuestros lobbies; sin embargo, para la seguridad de los miembros y empleados, nuestros lobbies continuarán cerrados hasta nuevo aviso. Si su negocio financiero requiere alguien en persona, tomaremos citas a partir del lunes 18 de mayo. Llame a su oficinal local para programar una cita. Seguimos ofreciendo a los miembros servicios ampliados a través de drive-thrus en cada sucursal.

Gracias por su paciencia mientras hacemos la transición nuevamente de acuerdo con las recomendaciones de expertos en salud. Tenga la seguridad de que volveremos a abrir los vestíbulos una vez que se considere seguro hacerlo. Gracias por su confianza y negocio.

Update: 4/10/2020


1) If you currently have a loan with us and have lost your job or have been temporarily laid off due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, please contact your local loan officer for assistance. Options are available for you.

2) Waco and Killeen drive-thru locations continue to operate as full service. Lobbies remain closed.

3) L3 office remains closed until further notice

Our team is here and available to continue assisting with your financial needs. You can reach us over the phone or in person via our drive-thru. Business hours are listed below.

Waco and Killeen drive-thru services . . .

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfer Funds
  • Account Balances
  • Account History
  • Loan Payments
  • Stop Payments
  • Official Bank Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Cash Advances
  • Debit Card New Orders/Replacements
  • Open a New Account
  • Apply for a loan
  • Change of Address/Update
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • Online Banking Assistance
  • Wires Transfers
  • Check Orders
  • Notary . . .and more!

Actualización semanal: 10 abril 2020


1) Si tiene un préstamo con nosotros y ha perdido su trabajo o ha sido despedido temporalmente debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, comuníquese con su oficial de préstamos local para obtener ayuda.

2) Las ubicaciones de drive-thru en Waco y Killeen continúan operando como servicio completo. Los lobbies permanecen cerrados hasta nuevo aviso.

3) La oficina de L3 permanece cerrada hasta nuevo aviso.

Nuestro equipo está disponible para ayudarlo con sus necesidades financieras durante estos tiempos difíciles. Estamos disponibles por teléfono o en persona a través de nuestro drive-thru.

  • Depósitos
  • Retiros
  • Transferencias
  • Pagos de préstamos
  • Cheques de caja
  • Giros postales
  • Adelanto en efectivo
  • Cambiar / Actualizar dirección
  • Órdenes de cheque
  • Servicios notariales. . . y más!

Update: 4/3/2020

Valued Members,

As we continue to closely monitor the developments regarding COVID-19, we wanted to communicate the most recent updates provided this week.

Gov. Abbott has extended executive orders for social distancing. As a result of this extension, McLennan, Bell, and Coryell County have also opt'd to extend their "Shelter in Place" orders. Please refer to your respective city's recommendations for specific dates.

What this means for our members?

We will continue to abide by the above orders handed down by our state, county, and city officials. Heart O' Texas FCU will continue to operate as full service via our drive-thru, and our lobbies will remain closed. During this time, our L3 branch will also remain closed.

Listed below are some of the services available during your drive-thru visit to our Waco or Killeen branch.

  • Deposits
  • Withdraws
  • Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • Teller Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Cash Advance
  • Change/Update Address
  • Check Orders
  • Notary Services . . . and more!

We sincerely appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.

Aviso: 3 abril 2020

Estimados Miembros,

Seguimos monitoreando de cerca los desarrollos relacionados con COVID-19, queríamos comunicar las actualizaciones más recientes proporcionadas esta semana.

El gobernador Abbott ha extendido órdenes ejecutivas para el distanciamiento social. Como resultado de esta extensión, el condado de McLennan, Bell y Coryell también han optado por extender las órdenes de "Refugio en el lugar". Consulte las recomendaciones de su ciudad respectiva para fechas específicas.

¿Qué significa esto para nuestros miembros?

Continuaremos cumpliendo con las órdenes anteriores dictadas por nuestros funcionarios estatales, del condado y de la ciudad. Heart O' Texas FCU continuará operando como servicio completo a través de nuestro drive-thru, y nuestros lobbies permanecerán cerrados. Durante este tiempo, nuestra sucursal de L3 permanecerá cerrada.

Hemos listado algunos de los servicios disponibles durante su visita a una sucursal.

  • Depósitos
  • Retiros
  • Transferencias
  • Pagos de préstamos
  • Cheques de caja
  • Giros postales
  • Adelanto en efectivo
  • Cambiar / Actualizar dirección
  • Órdenes de cheques
  • Servicios notariales. . . ¡y más!

Agradecemos sinceramente su comprensión durante estos tiempos difíciles.


During these stressful times, unfortunately it is common for scammers to take advantage of people's fear and difficult circumstances. Please be on alert for suspicious emails and text messages. We will never call, email, or text to ask you to verify sensitive personal or account information.

Other forms of scams:

• Utilizing scare tactics to receive payments

• NCUA will not contact you to request personal information

• No one from a government agency will call you about a potential tax stimulus payment.

Helpful tips:

     • Do not release any personal information over the phone or via email

     • If you are skeptical on who is asking for information, perform a callback in order to verify the authenticity of the "company" asking for your information

HOTFCU Closure Notice

Update: 3/18/2020

HOTFCU Health Alert
HOTFCU Alerta de Saludo

Update: 3/13/2020

HOTFCU Message/Letter 2020
HOTFCU Message/Letter 2020 - 2


No Guns Allowed Symbol










The Heart O' Texas Federal Credit Union has received reports of fraudulent emails and phone calls that have the appearance of coming from the credit union itself.

  • The individuals or emails claim to work for Heart O' Texas FCU and have on one occasion used the names of real HOTFCU employees. They try to trick you into revealing personal information, bank account information, and may even ask you to send them money. They may ask you to provide your username and password or other personal information (e.g. Social Security number, account number, PIN number, credit card number, mother's maiden name, or birthday). Even if they appear to be from a legitimate source, or contain an official-looking webpage, be careful. The Heart O' Texas FCU wants you to know that we will not ask for your personal and financial information via email and that we likely already have this information.

If you are unsure of the legitimacy of an email or phone call allegedly from HOTFCU, call our main number at 1-800-817-1622 as even emails can be derailed.

About communication from HEART O' TEXAS FCU:

  • We will not ask for your personal and financial information via email.
  • Our employees will always identify themselves by name. If it is not someone whose voice you recognize, hang up and call the credit union back..

Suspicious emails or phone calls: What to do

  • If an email looks suspicious, do not click on links in the email or respond until you have verified the email is legitimate with the credit union.
  • If a suspicious email claiming to be from HOTFCU asks you to call a phone number, do not do so until you have verified the number is a legitimate HOTFCU phone number.
  • If a suspicious email asks you to fax information to a number, do not do so until you have verified the number is a legitimate HOTFCU fax number.
  • Any unsolicited email or phone call from HOTFCU or other business asking for personal and financial information should be deemed suspicious.

Common phrases used in fraudulent emails or phone calls:

"Verify your account."
Again, the Heart O' Texas Federal Credit Union will not ask you to send passwords, login information or user names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through email. If you receive an email message from someone asking you to update your credit card information, do not respond: This is a phishing scam. You may at times be asked for personal identifying information when you call the credit union so that we can be sure it is indeed you the member we are talking to.

"If you don't respond within 48 hours, your account will be closed."
These messages convey a sense of urgency and trick you into responding.

"Your account has been comprised."
Again, these messages convey urgency and trick you into responding.

“Respond to have your funds released.”
These scams claim that you have money waiting to be released and that you need to reply immediately with your personal and financial information.

"Verify your credit union deposit insurance coverage”
These fraudulent emails and phone calls trick individuals into revealing account information to ensure that their deposits are insured. To ensure your deposits are insured you should contact us or NCUA. Fraudulent email example:

Dear Your Name
Good Morning this is to notify you that we received instruction From Credit Union to go ahead and release the funds here at

Washington D.C

We did the transfer on Monday, we have just received a stop order from your credit union. Please contact us so that we may transfer this money to you.

For further instruction on how to get your funds released to you, you are to Contact,

Mr. Name
Tel: Number
Fax: Number
Email: email address

As soon as we get clarification from you the transfer will be effect without further delay.

Remember, don’t take the bait on these “phishing” scams!

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