Fee Schedule

Savings Account Fees Cost
Savings (monthly fee if balance falls below $25.00)$2.00
Regulation D Excessive W/D fee$5.00
Closed account within 180 days$15.00
Overdraft transfer from savings$2.00
Single Share Account (waived for <18 years of age or $100 average monthly balance or using an additional service)$3.00
ATM Card (monthly)$1.95
Money Market Account Fees Cost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Regulation D Excessive W/D fee$5.00
Withdrawals of less than $200.00$10.00
Service charge (below minimum balance of $2,500)$10.00
Checking Account Fees - Basic Checking Cost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Monthly Service Charge$0.00
Debit Card (monthly)$1.95
Up to 50 transactionsNo Fee
51-74 withdrawals (maximum charge)$10.00
Over 75 withdrawals (maximum charge)$12.50
Checking Account Fees - Business Checking Cost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Monthly Service Charge$0.00
Debit Card (monthly)$1.95
Up to 50 transactionsNo Fee
51-74 withdrawals (maximum charge)$15.00
Over 75 withdrawals (maximum charge)$20.00
Checking Account Fees - HOT Line Checking Cost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Monthly Service Charge$5.00
Checking Account Fees - GEM Checking Cost
Check Printing Fee (specific styles)Free
Monthly Service Charge$9.75
Account print out (one per quarter)No Fee
Stop Payment (one per quarter)No Fee
Check Copy (one per quarter)No Fee
Miscellaneous Fees Cost
Paper Statement (printed, monthly) $2.00
Statement Copy$5.00
Check Copy$3.00
Account Printout (per page)$3.00
International Wire Trace$25.00
International Wire (outgoing)$60.00
International Wire (incoming)$45.00
Domestic Wire (outgoing)$25.00
Domestic Wire (incoming)$10.00
Western Union (domestic)$25.00
Collections (domestic)$15.00
Collections (international)$20.00
Return Mail$5.00
Bank Check (payable other than to member)$5.00
Money Orders (members only)No Fee
Check Cashing (Non-HOTFCU)1% or $3 whichever is greater
Temporary Checks (price per check)$1.00
Photo Copiesn/c 1st page; $.25 each additional page
Telephone Account Inquiry/Transfer (completd by HOTFCU Representative)$1.00
Tax Levy$50.00
Advance Pay$29.50
FedExActual Cost
Account Reconciliation$30.00
Account Research (min. $15.00)$30.00
Special Cash Orders over $10,0001% of cost
Verification of Deposit by 3rd Party$3.00
Returned ACH (non-sufficient/uncollected funds)$30.00
Returned Check (non-sufficient/uncollected funds)$30.00
Courtesy Pay Overdraft$30.00
Other Party Checks Deposited Returned$10.00
Members Own Check Deposited Returned$30.00
Stop Payment$30.00
CarFax Report$20.00
Skip Payment (per loan)$25.00
Expedited Pay-Off on Real Estate (per request)$15.00
Print Amortization (per loan)$20.00
Inactive Account (12+ months, monthly)$3.00
Invalid Address (monthly)$3.00
Debit / ATM Cards Cost
Debit / ATM Replacement Card$5.00
Debit / ATM Replacement or Retrieval of PIN Number$5.00
Expedited Debit Card$65.00

*The fees and percentages appearing in this Fee Schedule are accurate and effective for all accounts as of the date Indicated below. New or changes to existing fees are indicated in bold.

Effective June 7, 2019.

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