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Fee Schedule

Savings Account FeesCost
Savings (monthly fee if balance falls below $25.00)$2.00
Regulation D Excessive W/D fee$5.00
Closed account within 180 days$15.00
Overdraft transfer from savings$2.00
Single Share Account*$3.00
ATM Card (monthly)$1.95

* Single Share Account Fee waived if <18 years of age or $100 average monthly balance or using an additional HOTFCU service.

Money Market Account FeesCost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Regulation D Excessive W/D fee$5.00
Withdrawals of less than $200.00$10.00
Service charge (below minimum balance of $2,500)$10.00
Checking Account Fees - No Frills CheckingCost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Monthly Service Charge$0.00
Debit Card (monthly)$1.95
Up to 50 transactionsNo Fee
51-74 withdrawals (maximum charge)$10.00
Over 75 withdrawals (maximum charge)$12.50
Checking Account Fees - HOT Line CheckingCost
Check Printing FeeVaries
Monthly Service Charge$5.00
Checking Account Fees - GEM Checking AccountsCost
Check Printing Fee (specific styles)Free
Monthly Service Charge$9.75
Account print out (one per quarter)Free
Travelers ChecksNo Fee
Stop Payment (one per quarter)No Fee
Check Copy (one per quarter)No Fee
Miscellaneous Service Fees (all account types)Cost
Statement Copy$5.00
Check Copy$3.00
Account Printout (per page)$3.00
Account Research ($30 per hour with a $15 minimum)$30.00
International Wire Trace$25.00
International Wire (outgoing)$60.00
International Wire (incoming)$45.00
Domestic Wire (outgoing)$25.00
Domestic Wire (incoming)$10.00
Western Union (domestic)$25.00
Collections (domestic)$15.00
Collections (international)$20.00
Return Mail$5.00
Bank Check (payable other than to member)$5.00
Check Cashing (Non-HOTFCU) - 1% or $3.00 (whichever is greater)1% or $3
Temporary Checks (price per check)$1.00
Photo Copies - No Charge 1st page; $.25 each additional page$.25/page
Telephone Account Inquiry/Transfer (completd by HOTFCU Representative)$1.00
Tax Levy$50.00
Advance Pay$29.50
FedExAt Cost
Travelers Checks for 11%
Travelers Checks for 21.5%
Special Cash Orders over $10,000 - 1% of Cost1%
Verification of Deposit by 3rd Party$3.00
Returned ACH (non-sufficient/uncollected funds)$30.00
Returned Check (non-sufficient/uncollected)$30.00
Other Party Checks Deposited Returned$10.00
Members Own Check Deposited Returned$30.00
Stop Payment$30.00
CarFax Report$20.00
Skip Payment (per loan)$25.00
Expedited Pay-Off on Real Estate (per request)$15.00
Print Amortization (per loan)$20.00
Courtesy Pay Overdraft (per item)$30.00
Paper Statement (printed, monthly) **$2.00
Inactive Account (12+ months, monthly)$3.00
Invalid Address (monthly)$3.00
Debit / ATM CardsCost
Debit / ATM Replacement Card$5.00
Debit / ATM Replacement or Retrieval of PIN Number$5.00
Expedited Debit Card$65.00

*The fees and percentages appearing in this Rate & Fee Schedule are accurate and effective for all accounts as of the date Indicated below. New or changes to existing fees are indicated in bold.

**Age limitations apply.

Effective July 27, 2017.

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