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How can I open an Account...
You qualify for membership with HOTFCU if you, your spouse, or family member, live, work or worship in the following counties:
  • McLennan
  • Bell
  • Coryell


Civilian, military personnel of the United States Government, and active reserve units living or working in:

  • Hill
  • Bell
  • Bosque
  • Coryell
  • Limestone
  • McLennan

An account can be opened at your local branch. We have branches in Waco and Killeen, Texas. It takes $25 to open a regular savings account and establish membership with HOTFCU.

What do I need to bring with me when opening an account:

  • 2 Forms of Valid Identification
    • Drivers License, passport, State ID, Green Card, Social Security Card, ITIN, Matricula
Understanding Courtesy Pay...

Courtesy Pay is a benefit offered to qualified members providing a limited level of protection from non-sufficient funds (NSF) returned checks, returned check charges from merchants, and declined debit and ACH transactions. Courtesy Pay is not a loan.  You can potentially qualify for $300 in overdraft protection.

What is the benefit of Courtesy Pay?
With Courtesy Pay, overdraft items presented in your checking account may be honored by Heart O' Texas Federal Credit Union up to your approved limit.  Yes, you will incur a Courtesy Pay fee from HOTFCU, however, you save the potential returned item fee assessed by the merchant.
How do I know if I can have Courtesy Pay?
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have an established checking account for at least 90 days and in good standing
  • No past or present bankruptcies and/or charge offs with HOTFCU

Having met the above qualifications, Courtesy Pay overdraft protection is a benefit available to you unless you have chosen to opt-out of the service or have had the service revoked by the Credit Union.

How much will Courtesy Pay cost me?
A Courtesy Pay fee is assessed at $30 per-item. If you overdraw your account with an NSF item that is paid by HOTFCU, the cost to you is $30 for EACH item presented and paid.
How is Courtesy Pay applied to my account?
Courtesy Pay is applied in the order in which items are presented.
When do I have to repay the overdraft?
Any overdraft amount, plus a per-item Courtesy Pay fee is due and payable within 15-days or less. All deposits you make will first be applied to recovering any overdrawn balance.
Can I Opt-In or Out of Courtesy Pay?
Yes. To opt-in or out of Courtesy Pay, visit or call your local branch.
You may also print the Courtesy Pay Opt-In Agreement Form (Link to PDF) and mail, email or fax the form to your local branch:

Heart O' Texas FCU
P.O. Box 11
Waco, TX 76703

Heart O' Texas FCU reserves the right to suspend Courtesy Pay privileges at any time, if we believe there has been misuse of the program, if your account is not in good standing, or if you exhibit poor account management.

Understanding CardValet...

CardValet Info Graphic - Quick Reference Guide

What is the credit union's ABA/routing/transit number?

The ABA number (also known as a routing number or transit number) is a number that identifies Heart O' Texas Credit Union within the national banking system. Heart O' Texas Federal Credit Union's ABA number is 311989878.

Check Image with ABA/Routing Transit Number Example

Where do I find my check number and account number on my check?

Check Image with Account Number Example

How do I switch my accounts to HOT FCU?

You may call Customer Service at 254-751-1622 or 1-800-817-1622 and we'd be happy to assist you.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

To receive eStatements, first you must sign up for Online Banking.

How long will my eStatements be available online?

eStatements will be available online for a period of at least 12 months. The oldest statements will be deleted, as more recent statements become available.

If you would like to store your eStatements longer, you can print or download.

How can I arrange for direct deposit?

Direct deposit has various setup requirements depending on the type of check being deposited:

Payroll – Contact the payroll department at your place of employment for instructions. Your company will ask you to provide a voided check or deposit ticket, which has your account number and bank routing number on it.

Government – A form 1199A is needed for any direct deposit request for a Social Security or Tax Refund check. The form is available through the applicable government agency, online, or at Heart O’Texas FCU. The Credit Union must complete a section of the form before it is submitted.

Dividend Checks – Contact the company that issues the tax or corporate dividend check for their specific instructions. The company will request your account number and the credit union routing number in order to complete this request.

What information do I need to provide in order to receive a wire transfer from a bank located within the United States?

Incoming domestic wire transfers require special instructions, must be received in US dollars and are subject to a service fee. Please refer to your fee schedule or contact us if you have further questions regarding this service.

The beneficiary of all wires must be a signer on the account from which the funds are being withdrawn. The only exception is if the member is present or we have a previously signed authorization on file to wire funds to that particular beneficiary and bank. If a member requests a wire transfer by phone, the members must be called back prior to sending the wire transfer or Western Union wire. The phone number used as a call back number must be on the member profile for a minimum of thirty days, or was obtained from a public or private telephone directory.

Contact your local branch for wire transfer information.

What information do I need to provide in order to receive a wire transfer from a bank located outside the United States?

Incoming International wire transfers require special instructions, must be received in US dollars and are subject to a service fee. Please refer to your fee schedule or contact us if you have further questions regarding this service.

Contact your local branch for wire information.

How can I reorder checks?

Checks can be reordered through the Credit Union website, by calling your local branch or by mailing the reorder slip located in the last booklet of checks to: Heart O’Texas Federal Credit Union P. O. Box 11 Waco, TX 76703

What do I do when my ATM or Debit Card is lost or stolen?

Contact your local branch as soon as you realize your card is missing or if you see any unauthorized activity on your account. If you need to report a lost or stolen card after hours, call 800-472-3272 and our processor will cancel your card to prevent unauthorized transactions.

How do I dispute a transaction that does not appear to be mine?

Each month when you receive your bank account statement you should review the transaction history to make sure that the information is accurate. If you discover a transaction that was made in error, you need to determine the type and dollar amount of the transaction. If you have questions or would like to report an error, please call contact your local branch or stop by any branch office.

You will need to provide detailed information about the transaction (such as the date and dollar amount, debit card number, whether or not the card is in your possession, and whether or not you gave your authorization for the charge). We will then investigate the transaction.

What if I need a copy of a check that has cleared?

The easiest and fastest way is through our Online Banking. Images of checks that have cleared as paper items are available online, free of charge. This includes an image of the front and back of your cancelled checks. You may easily print copies from your home.

Do I need an appointment to apply for a loan?

No. There is a loan officer at each branch during business hours. Simply call your nearest branch and we will be happy to help! You may also complete an application at our website

What is the difference between available balance and current balance?

Current Balance – Your current balance is the amount of money that is actually in your account.

Available Balance – Your available balance is your current balance, plus any amount available to you with overdraft protection, if applicable, less any deposits that are not yet available or pending debit card transactions.

Are my deposits fully insured?

Your deposits in this credit union are fully insured, fully protected. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) covers $250,000 per depositor.

How can I change my address?

You can easily update your address via online banking, or complete and sign our change of address form and mail the form to us at:

Heart O’Texas Federal Credit Union
P. O. Box 11
Waco, TX 76703

*Form available on our website, within downloadable forms.

What information do I need to initiate a Domestic (U.S.) wire transfer to another credit union or bank within the United States?

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name, Address and Phone Number of the receiving credit union or bank.
  • The routing number of the receiving credit union or bank
  • Name, Address and your account number at the receiving credit union or bank
What information do I need to initiate an International wire transfer to another credit union or bank outside of the United States?

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name, Address and Phone Number of the receiving credit union or bank
  • The routing number of the US Corresponding credit union or bank along with their information
  • Beneficiary Credit Union or Bank, address, and additional codes
  • Name, full address and account number of the recipient of the wire
When are Christmas Club funds disbursed?

Funds are disbursed on the first business day of November for the balance of the account.

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