FAQ’s – Conversion of Operating System

Will HOTFCU branches be open Wednesday, May 1st?

In order to help with the transition, HOTFCU branches will not be open Wednesday, May 1st but will reopen Thursday, May 2nd at regular hours.

Will the credit union be secure while the conversion is taking place?

Yes, every precaution will be taken to ensure the security of all members, their account information and records while we implement this new system.

What should I do to prepare?

You should have to do very little. Schedule your normal online activities (set up bills to pay, check balance, schedule transfers, etc.) before the close of business, Tuesday, April 30th. Many of our services will be unavailable after we close Tuesday, April 30th, until Thursday, May 2nd. We recommend you look ahead regarding any financial matters and take care of any business before the close of business Tuesday, April 30th.

Consider this maintenance period much as you would a federal holiday that falls on a Monday, such as President’s Day.

Will my monthly statements remain the same?

Yes. The existing format will be retained as much as possible.

Will this affect my account numbers? Will my account number change?

No, account numbers will not change. Share and loan suffixes under your account number may change.

Will I receive a new debit or ATM card?

No, your card will not be replaced.

Will I receive a new PIN?

No, your current PIN will continue to work.

Will I be able to use my debit or ATM card during this period?

Yes, however, you will have limited use of debit and ATM cards after mid-night April 30th and May 1st. As a precaution, you may want to consider having cash on hand or another backup form of payment.

Will my paycheck/direct deposit be accepted on Tuesday, April 30th?

Yes, if you are normally paid at the end of the month your paycheck/direct deposit will be accepted as usual on April 30th. If you are normally paid on May 1st and your paycheck/direct deposit has been received in a file by April 30th, we will credit your account as of April 30th due to the conversion. If your paycheck/direct deposit is not received by April 30th, then your deposit will not be credited until Thursday, May 2nd when we open for business.

Will I be able to deposit a check in branches on Wednesday, May 1st?

Our branches will be closed. You will be able to deposit a check by using our night drops, however, your account will not be credited until we open Thursday, May 2nd.

Will I be able to make a withdrawal from my account on Wednesday, May 1st?

Limited withdrawal amounts will be available on Wednesday, May 1st

Will the Night Deposit Box be available?

Yes, but any items placed into a HOTFCU Night Deposit Box after the close of business Wednesday, April 30th will not be processed until Thursday, May 2nd.

Will I be able to do a wire transfer?

You will need to have wire transfer requests submitted to the credit union by 2:00pm CST on Tuesday, April 30th. Any wires that can not be confirmed via our validation process or wire requests received after 2:00pm CST Tuesday, April 30th will be processed on Thursday, May 2nd.

Will I be able to purchase teller checks or money orders?

You be able to begin purchasing these items again on Thursday, May 2nd.

Will HOTFCU ATMs work?

Yes and no. Transfers between accounts or share types will not be available after Wednesday, May 2nd. You will be able to withdraw money from the ATM, limitations may apply.

Will my loan payment(s) be processed Wednesday, May 1st?

Loan payments will not be processed Wednesday, May 1st, but will be processed on Thursday, May 2nd.

Will online and mobile banking transfers between accounts be available Wednesday, May 1st?

No. Online and mobile banking transfers will not be available Wednesday, May 1st.

Will online banking and mobile banking be available May 1st?

No, online banking and mobile banking will not be available Wednesday, May 1st.

Will I have access to the www.hotfcu.org website during this time?

Yes, you will have access to our website. Updates about the conversion will be posted on the website.

Will my transaction history prior to the conversion be available after the conversion through online banking?

No. Download and save your existing e-Statement ad account history for your records. After the conversion, Tuesday, April 30th, previous e-Statements and account history will no longer be accessible.

To Print Statements

To download e-Statements

  • Log into Online Banking
  • From the tabs, select “eDocuments/Online Forms”
  • Select “e-Documents”
  • From the drop down, select the month(s) and click view
  • Select “Print Statement”

To print Account History

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Under “Account Summary”, select the account to print history
  • Under “Display” in the drop down make your selection
  • Click the month or time frame to print
  • Click “Show History”
  • To print, click “Print History”